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Δευτέρα, Σεπτεμβρίου 05, 2005

Insiders (english version)

"Insiders" are type of people who know human nature and able to detect vices and virtues very easily. Some of them use human nature as a means to shock, disgust, infuriate and disturb. Why do they do that?
Who are their targets?
One thing is for sure. Their targets are not the masses, the ones that live as herds of sheep following the sayings of their elected leader, together they sleep, wake up, eat the same things, say the same trivialities, shit altogether, have no individual personalities, rot together..
they are those who rebel, who are easily disturbed, are disgusted, get easily cross, angry, the ones who swear at people .. in general those who refuse to follow the herd, people who prefer to belong to themselves.
So, the target is people with integrity, with original personalities, thinkers..because a thinker reacts while the herd follower, like another drug addict, just accepts what is put in front of him, why, he even enjoys this comformity...
So Insiders attack everyting, all human (known) values are to be burnt, ripped to pieces, demolished...but what do they build instead?
After destroying you need to replace.
What do you expect? Propaganda towards religion, patriotic feelings, family values?
But you can't be sure
Are you sure you want to know?
Why should you care?

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